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Ahad, 2 Ogos 2009

How to make a perfect crumb crust

How to make a perfect crumb crust?
After a cheesecake has been removed from a springform pan and crumb crust neatened, let it remain on the pan base.
Simply lift it, with base, on to serving dish. (There’s a possibility of the crumb crust cracking of crumbling if you try to remove cake from base).
But if you do wantto serve the cake without the base, here’s a hint: Reverse the base of the springform pan before pressing in the crumb crust. It is the slight ridge on the springform base which makes it difficult to remove cheesecake. You’ll now be able to take a long-bladed knife or spatula, work it gently under the crumb crust and carefully slide the cheesecake on to serving plate.
Cut cheesecake into wedges for serving. A thin, flexible metal spatula or knife makes it easy to temove individual wedges.

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